This blog is a collection of mini-essays, half-formed thoughts, meanderings, musings, ponderances, quips, and nothings by me, Katie, a writer/artist/thinker/procrastinator/dabbler who was born in Arkansas but lives in Michigan. Like me, this blog is a work in progress: it’s becoming…well, more becoming.

According to the inestimable OED, becoming is “befitting, suitable, having graceful fitness” and “that which is coming into existence.”

It turns out they’ll let anyone write a blog, so I’m sending a big shut-up to that voice in my head that’s telling me this is a corny waste of time. I want to add something becoming to The Internet. I want to find ideas and projects that are becoming to humanity–that flatter our best selves. I also want to write about improvement and progress–becoming, in that second, Aristotelian sense. And, most importantly, I want to have a conversation with you about big ideas and inspire you to explore some of your own.

Note: All header photographs were taken by me, in exotic locales such as Canada and my bathroom.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Katie-

    Thank you for sharing your blog post with me. Very thoughtful, provocative and authentic…all words(adjectives? you are the English major) I associate very positively with you. How interesting we are, in our own ways, traveling down a similar path. I’ve been struggling to authentically own who I am, honor that inner voice(some say it’s God speaking) and peel back the layers on my own emotions(why they happen, what provoke them and what I should understand about them). I forget who said this but emotions let you know you are alive(inside and out) and sometimes it’s the only way you can get yourself to pay attention to what really matters to you.

    I have a quote on my Facebook ‘about me’ section from Jane Fonda who talks about herself as being a work in progress. I love it because this woman has spent so many years growing, maturing and, to quote Steve Jobs, connecting the dots backward. If we are lucky, we will all be works in progress until our last breaths.

    I really enjoyed the blog and your about me. I look forward to reading more.


    • Thanks, Susan! Yes, I definitely think emotions are one of the primary (primal?) ways of feeling alive. I love your Jane Fonda quote–it reminds me of something my Dad often says: “Life is a do-over.”


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